Airchduke Franz Karl o Austrick

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Airchduke Franz Karl
Waldmüller Erzherzog Franz Carl 1839.jpg
Franz Karl at age 37, 1839
Born17 December 1802(1802-12-17)
Vienna, Austrick
Dee'd8 Mairch 1878(1878-03-08) (aged 75)
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
BuirialImperial Crypt
SpousePrincess Sophie o Bavarie
IssueFranz Joseph I o Austrick
Maximilian I o Mexico
Archduke Karl Ludwig
Airchduchess Maria Anna
Airchduke Ludwig Viktor
Full name
Franz Karl Joseph
FaitherFrancis II, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherMaria Theresa o Naples
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Archducal Coronet.svg
Wappen Habsburg-Lothringen Schild.svg

Airchduke Franz Karl o Austrick (Franz Karl Joseph; 17 December 1802 – 8 Mairch 1878) wis a member o the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine. He wis the faither o twa emperors: Franz Joseph I an o Maximilian I o Mexico. Through his third son Karl Ludwig, he wis the grandfaither o Airchduke Franz Ferdinand o Austrick – whose assination sparked the hostilities that led tae the outbreak o World War I.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Franz Joseph I o Austrick (18 August 1830 – 21 November 1916) mairit Duchess Elisabeh in Bavarie an haed issue.
  2. Maximilian I o Mexico (6 Julie 1832 – 19 Juin 1867) mairit Princess Charlotte o Belgium but haed nae issue.
  3. Airchduke Karl Ludwig o Austrick (30 Julie 1833 – 19 Mey 1896) mairit three times an haed issue (wis the faither o Airchduke Franz Ferdinand)
  4. Airchduchess Maria Anna o Austrick (27 October 1835 – 5 Februar 1840) died young.
  5. Airchduke Ludwig Viktor o Austrick (15 Mey 1842 – 18 Januar 1919) niver mairit.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 17 December 1802 – 8 Mairch 1878 His Imperial an Ryal Highness Airchduke Franz Karl o Austrick, Archduke an Prince Imperial Franz Karl o Austrick, Prince Ryal o Hungary an Prince o Bohemie.

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