Airchduchess Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este (1817–1886)

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Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este
Coontess o Chambord
Portrait bi Adeodato Malatesta.
Born14 Julie 1817(1817-07-14)
Modena, Italy
Dee'd25 Mairch 1886(1886-03-25) (aged 68)
Gorizia, Austrick-Hungary
BuirialKostanjevica Monastery, Nova Gorica, Slovenie
SpouseHenri, Coont o Chambord (m. 1846)
Full name
Maria Teresa Beatrice Gaetana d'Austria d'Este
HooseAustrick-Este (birth)
Bourbons o Fraunce (mairiage)
FaitherFrancis IV, Duke o Modena
MitherMaria Beatrice o Savoy
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Airchduchess Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este (Maria Teresa Beatrice Gaetana; 14 Julie 1817 – 25 Mairch 1886) wis a member o the Hoose o Austrick-Este an Archduchess o Austrick, Princess o Hungary, Bohemie, an Modena bi birth. Henri wis disputably Keeng o Fraunce an Navarre frae 2 tae 9 August 1830 an afterwards the Legitimist pretender to the throne o France from 1844 to 1883. Maria Theresa wis the eldest child o Francis IV, Duke o Modena an his niece-wife Princess Maria Beatrice o Savoy.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Maria Theresa mairit Henri, comte de Chambord, the posthumous son o Charles Ferdinand, Duke o Berry, younger son o Charles X o Fraunce, bi his wife, Princess Maria Carolina o Naples, daughter o Francis I o the Twa Sicilies, bi proxy on 7 November 1846 in Modena and in person on 16 November 1846 in Bruck an der Mur. Maria Theresa and Henri produced nae childer. Maria Theresa haed been chosen aa Henri's wife bi his paternal aunt Marie Thérèse o Fraunce. Marie Thérèse sought tae ally the exiled French Ryal Faimily with the Hoose o Austrick-Este for several reasons: it was Roman Catholic and the anly ryal family not tae have recognised the Julie Monarchy o Louis Philippe I. Henri had actually preferred Maria Theresa's youngest sister, Maria Beatrix.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 14 Julie 1817 — 7 November 1846 Her Imperial an Ryal Highness The Airchduchess an princess imperial Maria Theresa o Austrick-Este, Princess Ryal o Hungary an o Bohemie, Princess o Modena.
  • 7 November 1846 — 25 Mairch 1886 Her Imperial an Ryal Highness The Coontess o Chambord.

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