Airchduchess Maria Leopoldine o Austrick-Este

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Maria Leopoldine o Austrick-Este
Electress o Bavarie
Kellerhoven - Maria Leopoldine of Austria.jpg
Airchduchess Maria Leopoldina bi Moritz Kellerhoven.
Born 10 December 1776(1776-12-10)
Milan, Milan
Dee'd 23 Juin 1848(1848-06-23) (aged 71)
Wasserburg am Inn, Bavarie
Spouse Charles Theodore, Elector o Bavarie
Coont Ludwig von Arco
Issue Coont Aloys Nikolaus von Arco
Coont Maximilian Joseph von Arco
Coontess Caroline von Arco
Hoose Austrick-Este (birth)
Wittelsbach (mairiage)
Faither Airchduke Ferdinand o Austrick-Este
Mither Maria Beatrice Ricciarda d'Este

Airchduchess Maria Leopoldine o Austrick-Este (10 December 1776 – 23 Juin 1848), wis an Electress o Bavarie aa second wife o Charles Theodore, Elector o Bavarie. She wis a granddaughter o Empress Maria Theresa o Austrick an member o the Hoose o Austrick-Este (itself a cade branch o the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine) She mairit twice but niver haed childer with the Elector o Bavarie but did with her second husband Coont Ludwig von Arco.

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