Airchduchess Maria Josepha o Austrick (1687–1703)

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Airchduchess Maria Josepha
Airchduchess o Austrick
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Born6 Mairch 1687
Dee'd14 Aprile 1703 (aged 16)
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna (body)
Herzgruft, Vienna (heart)
Full name
Maria Josepha Colletta Antonia
FaitherLeopold I, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherEleonore Magdalene o Neuburg

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Airchduchess Maria Josepha o Austrick (Maria Josepha Colletta Antonia; 6 Mairch 1687 – 14 Aprile 1703), wis a dochter o Haly Roman Emperor Leopold I bi his third wife Eleonore Magdalene o the Neuburg. She niver mairit an haed nae issue an died frae smawpox aged 16.