Airchduchess Maria Josepha o Austrick

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Airchduchess Maria Josepha
Maria Josepha of Austria - Anton Raphael Mengs - 1767.jpg
Portrait bi Mengs, 1767
Born19 Mairch 1751(1751-03-19)
Hofburg Pailace, Vienna, Habsburg Monarchy
Dee'd15 October 1767(1767-10-15) (aged 16)
Schönbrunn Pailace, Vienna
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna
Full name
Maria Josefa Gabriele Johanna Antonia Anna
FaitherFrancis I, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherMaria Theresa o Austrick

Airchduchess Maria Josepha o Austrick (Maria Josepha Gabriella Johanna Antonia Anna; 19 Mairch 1751 – 15 October 1767). She wis the dochter o Francis I, Haly Roman Emperor (1708–1765) an Maria Theresa o Austrick, Haly Roman Empress (1717–1780). She died o smallpox at the aged 16 an wis buried in the Imperial Crypt, Vienna, Austrick.

Empress Maria Theresa wanted tae mairy her fowert auldest surviving dochter, Airchduchess Maria Amalia, tae Ferdinand o Naples an Sicily for poleetical reasons. Houiver, efter Ferdinand's faither Charles III o Spain objected tae the five-year age difference, Maria Josepha, as the next auldest dochter, wis left as the obvious candidate for Ferdinand's haund in mairiage. Shewud niver mairy. Efter her daith, her sister Airchduchess Maria Carolina wis gien as a bride tae the Keeng o Naples in her place.

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 19 Mairch 1751 – 15 October 1767 Her Ryal Highness Airchduchess Maria Josepha o Austrick, Princess o Hungary an Bohemie, Princess o Tuscany.