Airchduchess Maria Elisabeth o Austrick (1680-1741)

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Maria Elisabeth o Austrick
Govenor o the Austrick Netherlands
Jan van Orley - Maria Elisabeth of Austria.jpg
Airchduchess Maria Elisabeth bi Jan van Orley.
Born13 December 1680
Linz, Austrick
Dee'd26 August 1741 (aged 61)
Morlanwelz, Belgium
BuirialImperial Crypt, Vienna
HooseHabsburgs o Austrick
FaitherLeopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
MitherEleonore Magdalene o Neuburg
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

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Airchduchess Maria Elisabeth o Austrick (13 December 1680 – 26 August 1741) In 1725, she wis appointed Prince Eugene o Savoy's successor as the regent governor o the Austrick Netherlands bi her brither, Charles VI, Haly Roman Emperor. She wis aa a sister o Queen Mariana o Portugal (grandmither o Maria I o Portugal Maria Elisabeth wis aa an aunt o the future Empress Maria Theresa.

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