Airchduchess Maria de los Dolores o Austrick

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Airchduchess Maria de los Dolores
Airchduchess o Austrick
Born5 Mey 1891(1891-05-05)
Lemberg, Austria
Dee'd10 Apryle 1974(1974-04-10) (aged 82)
Full name
Maria de los Dolores Beatrix Carolina Blanca Leopoldina
HooseHabsburg-Lorraine (Tuscany branch)
FaitherAirchduke Leopold Salvator o Austrick
MitherInfanta Blanca o Spain

Airchduchess Dolores o Austrick (5 Mey 1891 – 10 Apryle 1974) wis a dochter o Airchduke Leopold Salvator o Austrick. She was member o the Tuscan branch o the Hoose o Habsburg-Lorraine, an Airchduchess o Austrick an Princess o Tuscany bi birth. Efter the fall o the Austro Hungary Rik, she lived under reduced circumstances wi her faimily in Spain, Austrick, an Italy. She niver mairit an haed nae kent issue.

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