Airbus A350 XWB

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A350 XWB
Qatar Airways A350-941 (A7-ALA) landing at Frankfurt Airport.jpg
An A350-900 o launch customer Qatar Airways laundin at Frankfurt Airport in Julie 2015
Role Wide-body jet airliner
Naitional oreegin Multi-naitional[1]
Manufacturer Airbus
First flicht 14 Juin 2013 [2]
Introduction 15 Januar 2015 wi Qatar Airways[3]
Status In service
Primar uisers Qatar Airways
Cathay Pacific
Singapore Airlines
Produced 2010–present[4]
Nummer biggit 146 as o 31 Januar 2018[5]
Programme cost €11 billion[6]
Unit cost
A350-800: US$280.6 million (2018)[7]
A350-900: US$317.4 million (2018)[7]
A350-1000: US$366.5 million (2018)[7]

The Airbus A350 XWB is a faimily o lang-range, twin-ingine wide-bouk jet airliners developed bi European aircraft manufacturer Airbus.

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