Air France Flicht 447

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Air France Flight 447
F-GZCP, the aircraft involved in the accident, shawn here at Charles de Gaulle Airport in 2007
Date 1 Juin 2009
Summary Entered heich-altitude staw, impactit ocean
Steid Atlantic Ocean
near waypynt TASIL

3°03′57″N 30°33′42″W / 3.06583°N 30.56167°W / 3.06583; -30.56167Coordinates: 3°03′57″N 30°33′42″W / 3.06583°N 30.56167°W / 3.06583; -30.56167
Aircraft type Airbus A330-203
Operator Air France
Registration F-GZCP
Flicht oreegin Rio de Janeiro–Galeão Airport
Destination Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport
Passengers 216
Crew 12
Fatalities 228 (aw)
Survivors 0

Air France Flicht 447 (AF447/AFR447)[lower-alpha 1] wis a scheduled passenger internaitional flicht frae Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tae Paris, Fraunce, that crashed on 1 Juin 2009.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. AF is the IATA designator an AFR is the ICAO designator