Air Algérie Flicht 5017

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Air Algérie Flicht 5017
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Swiftair EC-LTV (8415403452).jpg
Accident aircraft, Swiftair MD-83, registration EC-LTV, at Madrid–Barajas Airport, Spain, in Januar 2013
Date 24 Julie 2014
Summary Crashed, unner Investigation
Steid Sootheast o Gossi, Mali
Aircraft type McDonnell Douglas MD-83
Operator Swiftair for Air Algérie
Registration EC-LTV
Flicht oreegin Ouagadougou Airport, Burkina Faso
Destination Houari Boumediene Airport, Algiers
Passengers 110[1]
Crew 6
Fatalities 116 (aw)[2]
Survivors 0[2]

Air Algérie Flight 5017 (AH5017/DAH5017) wis a scheduled internaitional passenger flicht frae Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, tae Algiers, Algerie, which disappeared in northren Mali on 24 Julie 2014.[3] The McDonnell Douglas MD-83 wi 110 passengers an 6 crew on buird, operatit bi Swiftair, disappeared frae radar 50 minutes efter tak-off.[4] An unidentified Algerian offeecial later said that the aircraft haed crashed,[5] while Air Algérie statit that the aircraft haed apparently crashed near Tilemsi.[6] The aircraft haed been chartered bi Air Algérie tae provide addeetional capacity durin simmer saison.[7]

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