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Group o Ainu fowk, 1902 photograph
Tot population
(The offeecial Japanese govrenment estimate is 25,000, awtho this number haes been disputit wi unoffeecial estimates o upwards o 200,000.[1]
109 (Russian Census of 2010)[2])
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Japan 25,000–200,000


 Kamchatka Krai: 94–900[3]
Historically Ainu an ither Ainu leids; the day, maist Ainu speak Japanese or Roushie.[4]
Animism, Buddhism, Roushie Orthodox Christianity, Atheism
Relatit ethnic groups
Kamchadal, Ryukyuan fowk,[5]Yamato fowk

The Ainu or the Aynu (Ainu アィヌ Aynu; Japanese: アイヌ Ainu; Roushie: Айны Ajny), in the historical Japanese texts Ezo/Emishi/Ebisu (蝦夷) or Ainu (アイヌ), are an indigenous fowk o Japan (Hokkaido, an umwhile northeastren Honshu) an Roushie (Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands an umwhile the Kamchatka Peninsula).[6]

Mony Ainu the day hae been completely assimilated intae Japanese identity. The offeecial nummer o the Ainu is 25,000, but unoffeecially is estimatit at 200,000 due tae mony Ainu haein been completely assimilatit intae Japanese society as tae hae na knawledge o thair auncestry.

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