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Opera bi Giuseppe Verdi
Giuseppe Verdi, c. 1872 Aida vocal score cover - Restoration.jpg
Cover o a very early vocal score, c. 1872.
LibrettistAntonio Ghislanzoni
Premiere24 December 1871 (1871-12-24)
Khedivial Opera House in Cairo

Aida (Italian: [aˈiːda]) is an opera in fower acts bi Giuseppe Verdi tae an Italian libretto bi Antonio Ghislanzoni. Set in Egyp, it wis commeessioned bi an first performed at Cairo's Khedivial Opera House on 24 December 1871; Giovanni Bottesini conductit efter Verdi himsel widrew. The day the wirk haulds a central place in the operatic canon, receivin performances every year aroond the warld; at New York's Metropolitan Opera alane, Aida haes been sung mair nor 1,100 times syne 1886. Ghislanzoni's scheme follaes a scenario eften attributit tae the French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette, but Verdi biographer Mary Jane Phillips-Matz argues that the soorce is actually Temistocle Solera.[1]

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