Aichty Years' War

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Aichty Years' War
Relief o Leiden efter the siege, 1574
LocationThe Law Kintras
(warldwide colonial warfare)
Result Peace o Münster
Unthirldom o the Dutch Republic
Spaingie retention o the Soothren Netherlands
 Unitit Provinces
Arms of Nassau.svg Nassau
Spain Spaingie Empire
 Holy Roman Empire

The Aichty Years' War or Dutch War o Unthirldom (1568–1648),[1] began as a revolt o the Seiventeen Provinces against the poleetical an releegious hegemony o Philip II o Spain, the sovereign o the Habsburg Netherlands.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The Dutch States General, for dramatic effect, decidit tae promulgate the ratification o the Peace o Münster (which wis actually ratified bi them on 15 Mey 1648) on the 80t anniversary o the execution o the Coonts o Egmont an Horne, 5 June 1648. See Maanen, H. van (2002), Encyclopedie van misvattingen, Boom, p. 68. ISBN 90-5352-834-2.