Agnes, Coontess o Dunbaur

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Agnes Dunbar
Black Agnes, from a children's history book.jpg
Black Agnes, as depictit in a childer's history book frae 1906
Dee'd1369 (Aged aboot 57)
BuiriedMordington, Berwickshire
Spoose(s)Paitrick, Yerl o Mairch
FaitherThomas Randolph, Yerl o Moray
MitherIsabel Stewart o Bonkyll

Agnes, Coontess o Dunbaur an Mairch (née Randolph; c. 1312–1369), kent as Black Agnes for her dark hair an een, an sallae complexion, wis the wife o Paitrick, 9t Yerl o Dunbaur an Mairch. Agnes acame renawned for her heroic defence o Dunbar Castle in East Lowden against an Inglis siege led bi Weelum Montagu, 1st Yerl o Salisbury, that begoud on 13 Januar 1338 an endit on 10 Juin the same year in the Seicont Scots War o Unthirldom frae 1331 tae 1341.[1]

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