Agnès Varda

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Agnès Varda
Agnès Varda at Guadalajara Film Festival.jpg
Varda receivin a honour at the Guadalajara Film Festival, 2010
Born 30 Mey 1928(1928-05-30)
Ixelles, Belgium
Died 29 Mairch 2019(2019-03-29) (aged 90)
Paris, France
Thrift Director, screenwriter, editor, actor, producer, installation airtist, photographer
Years active 1955–present
Hauf-marrae(s) Jacques Demy (1962–1990; his daith)
Childer 2

Agnès Varda (30 Mey 1928 – 29 Mairch 2019)) wis a French feminist film director an professor at the European Graduate School.[1] Her films, photographs, an airt installations focus on documentar realism, feminist issues, an social commentar — wi a distinct experimental style.

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