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View o Agadez, frae the mosque's minaret
View o Agadez, frae the mosque's minaret
Agadez is locatit in Niger
Location o Agadez
Coordinates: 16°58′0″N 7°59′0″E / 16.96667°N 7.98333°E / 16.96667; 7.98333
Kintra  Niger
Region Agadez Region
Depairtment Tchirozerine Depairtment
Commune Agadez
Sultanate 1449 CE
Elevation 520 m (1,710 ft)
Population (2012 census)
 • Tot 118,244
Offeecial name Heestoric Centre o Agadez
Teep Cultural
Criteria ii, iii
Designatit 2013 (37t session)
Reference no. 1268
State Pairty Niger
Region Africae

Agadez, umwhile spelled Agades,[1] is the lairgest ceety in central Niger, wi a population o 88,569 (2005 census).

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