Afonso V o Portugal

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Afonso V
Contemporary portrait in the Itinerarium o Georg von Ehingen, c. 1470
Keeng o Portugal
Ring13 September 1438 – 28 August 1481[a]
Acclamation15 Januar 1446
SuccessorJohn II
Born15 Januar 1432
Sintra Palace, Portugal
Dee'd28 August 1481(1481-08-28) (aged 49)
Lisbon, Portugal
BuirialBatalha Monastery
FaitherEdward, King o Portugal
MitherEleanor o Aragon
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturAfonso V's signature

Afonso V o Portugal (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐˈfõsu]) (15 Januar 1432 – 28 August 1481), kent bi the sobriquet the African (Portuguese: o Africano), was Keeng o Portugal. His sobriquet refers tae his conquests in Northern Africa.

Mairiages[eedit | eedit soorce]

Afonso mairit firstly, in 1447, Isabella o Coimbra, with wha he haed issue.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. John, Prince o Portugal (29 Januar 1451).
  2. Joan, Princess o Portugal (6 Februar 1452 – 12 Mey 1490): kent as Saunt Joan o Portugal or Saunt Joan Princess.
  3. John II o Portugal (3 March 1455 – 25 October 1495): Succeedit his faither as 13t King o Portugal.

Afonso mairit secondly, in 1475, his niece Joanna o Castile, kent as "La Beltraneja".
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