Afghan Airmed Forces

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Afghan Airmed Forces
نیروهای مسلح افغانستان
Foondit1 December 2002 (current form)
(17 years, 7 months)[1]
1709 (oreeginal)
Service branchesAfghan National Army emblem.svg Afghan Naitional Airmy
Emblem of the Afghan Air Force.svg Afghan Air Force
HeidquartersNaitional Militar Command Center, Kabul, Kabul Province, Afghanistan[2]
Commander-in-ChiefPresident Ashraf Ghani
Meenister o DefenceGeneral Abdullah Habibi
Chief o General StaffLt. Gen. Besmellah Waziri
Militar age16
Available for
militar service
6,800,888 males, age 16 to 49[5],
6,413,647 females, age 16 to 49[5]
Fit for
militar service
3,888,358 males, age 16 to 49[5],
3,641,998 females, age 16 to 49[5]
Reachin militar
age annually
378,996 males,
357,822 females
Active personnel195,000 (2014)[4]
Budget$11.6 billion (2011) (mostly aid)[6]
Foreign suppliersCurrent:
 Unitit States
 Soviet Union
 Unitit Kinrick
Relatit airticles
HistoryMilitar history o Afghanistan
Soviet–Afghan War
War in Afghanistan
RanksRanks o the Afghan Airmed Forces

The Afghan Airmed Forces are the military forces o the Islamic Republic o Afghanistan. Thay conseest o the Afghan Naitional Airmy an the Afghan Air Force. The Preses o Afghanistan is the Commander-in-Chief o the Afghan Airmef Forces, which is admeenistratively controlled thro8 the Meenistry o Defense. The Naitional Militar Command Center in Kabul serves as the heidquarters o the Afghan Airmed Forces. The Afghan Airmed Forces currently haes approximately 300,000 active duty sodgers an airmen,[4][7] which are expectit tae reach 360,000 sodgers an airmen in the comin year.[8][9]

The current Afghan militar oreeginates in 1709 when the Hotaki dynasty wis established in Kandahar follaed bi the Durrani Empire. The Afghan militar focht mony wars wi the Safavid dynasty an Maratha Empire frae the 18th tae the 19th century. It wis re-organised wi help frae the British in 1880, when the kintra wis ruled bi Amir Abdur Rahman Khan. It wis modernized during King Amanullah Khan's rule in the early 20th century, an upgradit during Keeng Zahir Shah's forty-year rule. Frae 1978 tae 1992, the Soviet-backed Afghan Airmed Force focht wi multi-naitional mujahideen groups wha were bein backed bi the Unitit States, Saudi Arabie, an Pakistan. Efter Preses Najibullah's resignation in 1992 an the end o Soviet support, the militar dissolved intae portions controlled bi different warlord factions an the mujahideen teuk control ower the govrenment. This era wis follaed bi the rise o the Pakistan-backed Taliban regime, wha established a militar force on the basis o Islamic sharia law.

Efter the remuival o the Taliban an the formation o the Transeetional Islamic State o Afghanistan in late 2001 an 2002, respectively, the Afghan Airmed wis gradually rebiggit bi NATO forces in the kintra, primarily bi the Unitit States Airmed Forces. Despite early problems wi recruitment an training, it is acomin effective in fechtin against the Taliban insurgency. As o 2014, it is acomin able tae operate independently frae the NATO Internaitional Security Assistance Force. As a major non-NATO ally o the Unitit States, Afghanistan continues tae receive billions o dollars in militar assistance.

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