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Advanced bylin watter reactor

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Pressure vessel from the ABWR. 1: Reactor core 2: Control rods 3: Internal watter pump 4: Steam pipeline tae the turbine generator 5: Cooling watter flow tae the core

The Advanced bylin watter reactor (ABWR) is a Generation III bylin watter reactor. The ABWR is currently offered bi GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) an Toshiba. The ABWR generates electric pouer bi usin steam tae pouer a steam turbine connected to an electric generator. The steam is produced from watter usin heat generated bi fission reactions within nuclear fuel.

Bylin watter reactors (BWRs) are the second most common[1] form o light watter reactor with a direct cycle design that uses fewer muckle steam supply components than the pressurized watter reactor (PWR), which employs an indirect cycle. The ABWR is the present state o the art in bylin watter reactors, and is the first Generation III reactor design to be fully biggit, with several reactors complete an operatin. The first reactors were biggit on time an under budget in Japan, with others under construction there and in Taiwan. ABWRs were on order in the Unitit States, includin two reactors at the South Texas Project site.

The standard ABWR plant design has a net electrical output o aboot 1.35 GW (3926 MW o thermal pouer).

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