Adrien-Marie Legendre

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Adrien-Marie Legendre
1820 wattercolor caricatur o Adrien-Marie Legendre bi French airtist Julien-Leopold Boilly, the anly existin portrait kent[1]
Born18 September 1752(1752-09-18)
Paris, Fraunce
Died10 Januar 1833(1833-01-10) (aged 80)
Paris, Fraunce
Alma materCollège Mazarin
Kent forLegendre transformation, Legendre polynomials an elliptic functions
Scientific career
InstitutionsÉcole Militaire
École Normale
École Polytechnique

Adrien-Marie Legendre (French: [adʁiɛ̃ maʁi ləʒɑ̃ːdʁ]; 18 September 1752 – 10 Januar 1833) wis a French mathematician. Legendre made numerous contreibutions tae mathematics. Well-kent an important concepts such as the Legendre polynomials an Legendre transformation are named efter him.

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