Adrien-Marie Legendre

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Adrien-Marie Legendre
1820 wattercolor caricatur o Adrien-Marie Legendre bi French airtist Julien-Leopold Boilly, the anly existin portrait kent[1]
Born 18 September 1752(1752-09-18)
Paris, Fraunce
Died 10 Januar 1833(1833-01-10) (aged 80)
Paris, Fraunce
Residence Fraunce
Naitionality French
Alma mater Collège Mazarin
Kent for Legendre transformation, Legendre polynomials an elliptic functions
Scientific career
Fields Mathematician
Institutions École Militaire
École Normale
École Polytechnique

Adrien-Marie Legendre (French: [adʁiɛ̃ maʁi ləʒɑ̃ːdʁ]; 18 September 1752 – 10 Januar 1833) wis a French mathematician. Legendre made numerous contreibutions tae mathematics. Well-kent an important concepts such as the Legendre polynomials an Legendre transformation are named efter him.

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