Adolfo Suárez

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Adolfo Suárez

Prime meenister o Spain
In office
3 Julie 1976 – 25 Februar 1981
MonarchJuan Carlos I
DeputeManuel Gutiérrez Mellado
Precedit biFernando de Santiago y Díaz
Succeedit biLeopoldo Calvo Sotelo
Member o the Congress o Deputies
for Madrid
In office
28 October 1982 – 26 Mey 1991
Personal details
BornAdolfo Suárez González
25 September 1932(1932-09-25)
Cebreros, Castile an León, Spain
Dee'd23 Mairch 2014(2014-03-23) (aged 81)
Madrid, Spain
Poleetical pairtyCDS
Ither poleetical
FET y de las JONS (Falange) (1961-1975)
Spoose(s)María Amparo Illana Elórtegui
BairnsMaría Amparo (1962–2004)
Adolfo (b. 1964)
Sonsoles (b. 1967)
Alma materSalamanca Varsity
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Adolfo Suárez González, 1st Duke o Suárez, Grandee o Spain, KOGF (Spaingie pronunciation: [aˈðolfo ˈswaɾeθ]; 25 September 193223 Mairch 2014) wis a Spainyie lawyer an politeecian. Suárez wis Spain's first democratically electit prime meenister efter the dictatorship o Francisco Franco, an the key figur in the kintra's transeetion tae democracy.[1]

Suárez wis born in Cebreros, Spain.

Durin his term as Prime Meenister, Suárez wis the key figur in the kintra's chynge tae democracy.[2] He led an foondit some democratic politeecal pairties in Spain. He introducit the Politeecal Reform o Spain in 1976 which helpit Spain tae acome a democratic kintra.

Efter a new constitution o Spain wis made intae act, Suárez resignit acause he did nae think that the new constitution wis richt for Spain. Efterwards, Suárez acame a hero tae Spain.

In 2005, Suárez wis diagnosit wi Alzheimer's disease. He diet nearly nine years later at the age o 81 in Madrid, Spain.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Suárez wis born in Cebreros, Spain. His parents wur Hipólito Suárez Guerra an Herminia González Prados. He wis eddicatit at the Varsity o Salamanca. Suárez marrit María Amparo Illana Elórtegui in 1961.

Politeecal career[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 4 Julie 1976, Keeng Juan Carlos appyntit Suárez as Prime Meenister o Spain. He wis the first Prime Meenister unner the 1978 Constitution o Spain.

In late Julie o 1977, Suárez acame a member o the Congress o Deputies for Madrid. He wis a member till he retirit frae politics in 1991.

In 1977, Spain haed its first free elections in 41 years. Suárez wis electit Prime Meenister. He an the fowk workin wi him won the 1979 elections unner the new constitution. He resignit as Prime Meenister on 29 Januar 1981.[3]

In 1981, Keeng Juan Carlos o Spain gae Suárez the hereditary title o "Duque de Suárez" (Duke o Suárez).[4] He an aa receivit the title Grande de España (Inglis: Grandee o Spain) acause o his role in the chynge tae democracy.[1]

The Prime Meenister efter Suárez wis Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo. In 1986, Suárez ran again for Prime Meenister. He lost tae Felipe González.

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Suárez haed five childer. His first bairn deit in 2004 frae cancer. His wife o fifty years, María Amparo died in 2001. He livit in Madrid durin his retirement years.

In 2005, he wis diagnosed wi Alzheimer's disease.

Daith[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 31 Mey 2005, Suárez's son, Adolfo Suárez Illana, annooncit on Spainyie telly that his faither wis sufferin frae Alzheimer's disease. He deit frae a respiratory infection in Madrid, agit 81.[5]

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