Admeenistrative diveesions o Cambodie

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Cambodie is dividit intae twinty-three provinces (ខេត្ត, khaet) an the caipital Phnom Penh. Provinces are further subdividit intae destricts (ស្រុក, srŏk) an municipalities (ក្រុង, krong). Destricts are dividit intae communes (ឃុំ, khum) an quairters (សង្កាត់, sangkat), then further dividit intae veelages (ភូមិ, phum). The municipalities are dividit intae quairters (សង្កាត់, sangkat), which are dividit intae veelages (ភូមិ, phum), an further dividit intae groups (krom). The caipital is dividit intae sections (ខណ្ឌ, khan), which are dividit intae quarters (សង្កាត់, sangkat), an further dividit intae veelages (ភូមិ, phum).

First-level divisions: provinces an caipital[eedit | eedit soorce]

Provinces (khaet) an municipalities (krong) are Cambodie's first-level admeenistrative diveesions. Provinces are dividit intae 159 destricts (srŏk) an 26 municipalities (krong). The caipital is dividit intae 8 khan.

On 22 December 2008, King Norodom Sihamoni signed a Ryal Decree that chyngit the municipalities o Kep, Pailin an Sihanoukville intae provinces, as well as adjustin several provincial borders.[1]

Kratie, Ratanakiri, Stung Treng an Mondulkiri wur pairt o Laos till the French protectorate.

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Location Name Caipital Population Aurie (km²) Population Densitie ISO
Cambodia-Banteay Meanchey.png Banteay Meanchey Province Sisophon 678,033 6,679 km² 102 KH-1
Cambodia-Battambang.png Battambang Province Battambang 1,036,523 11,702 km² 89 KH-2
Cambodia-Kampong Cham.png Kampong Cham Province Kampong Cham 1,680,694 9,799 km² 172 KH-3
Cambodia-Kampong Chhnang.png Kampong Chhnang Province Kampong Chhang 472,616 5,521 km² 86 KH-4
Cambodia-Kampong Speu.png Kampong Speu Province Kampong Speu Town 716,517 7,017 km² 102 KH-5
CambodiaKampongThum.png Kampong Thom Province Kampong Thom 708,398 13,814 km² 51 KH-6
Cambodia-Kampot.png Kampot Province Kampot 585,110 4,873 km² 120 KH-7
Cambodia-Kandal.png Kandal Province Ta Khmau 1,265,805 3,568 km² 355 KH-8
Cambodia-Kaoh Kong.png Koh Kong Province Koh Kong 139,722 11,160 km² 12 KH-9
Cambodia-Keb.png Kep Province Kep 40,208 336 km² 120 KH-23
Cambodia-Kratie.png Kratie Province Kratié 318,523 11,094 km² 29 KH-10
Cambodia-Mondul Kiri.png Mondulkiri Province Sen Monorom 60,811 14,288 km² 4 KH-11
Cambodia-Oddar Meancheay.png Oddar Meanchey Province Samraong 185,443 6,158 km² 30 KH-22
Cambodia-Pailin.png Pailin Province Pailin 70,482 803 km² 88 KH-24
Cambodia-Phnom Penh.png Phnom Penh Municipality Phnom Penh 2,000,064 758 km² 2,638 KH-12
Cambodia-Preah Seihanu.png Preah Sihanouk Province Sihanoukville 199,902 868 km² 230 KH-18
Cambodia-Preah Vihear.png Preah Vihear Province Tbeng Meanchey 170,852 13,788 km² 12 KH-13
Cambodia-Pursat.png Pursat Province Pursat 397,107 12,692 km² 31 KH-15
Cambodia-Prey Veng.png Prey Veng Province Prey Veng 947,357 4,883 km² 194 KH-14
Cambodia-Ratanak Kiri.png Ratanakiri Province Banlung 149,997 10,782 km² 14 KH-16
Cambodia-Siem Reap.png Siem Reap Province Siem Reap 896,309 10,299 km² 87 KH-17
Cambodia-Stung Treng.png Stung Treng Province Stung Treng 111,734 11,092 km² 10 KH-19
Cambodia-Svay Rieng.png Svay Rieng Province Svay Rieng 482,785 2,966 km² 163 KH-20
Cambodia-Takeo.png Takeo Province Takéo 843,931 3,563 km² 237 KH-21

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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