Admeenistrative diveesion

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Warld admeenistrative diveesions

An admeenistrative diveesion, subnational entity, geopoleetical diveesion, or kintra subdiveesion is a portion o a kintra or ither poleetical diveesion, established for the purpose o govrenment. Admeenistrative diveesions are each grantit a certaint degree o autonomy, an are required tae manage themselves throu thair ain local govrenments. Kintras are dividit up intae thir smawer units tae mak managin thair land an the affairs o thair fowk easier. For ensaumple, a kintra mey be dividit intae provinces, which in turn are dividit intae coonties, which in turn mey be dividit in whole or in pairt intae municipalities. Thir are anly a few o the names gien tae admeenistrative subdiveesions; mair ensaumples are providit belaw.

Admeenistrative diveesions are conceptually separate frae dependent territories, wi the umwhile bein an integral pairt o the state an the ither bein anly unner some lesser furm o control. Houiver, the term "admeenistrative diveesion" can include dependent territories as well as acceptit admeenistrative diveesions (for ensaumple, in geografical databases).