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Adam Smith

Adam Smith (bapteised 5 Juin 172317 Julie 1790) wis a Scots[a] economist, philosopher an screiver o the Wealth of Nations an o the Theory of Moral Sentiments.[2] Born in Kirkcaudy,[3] he wis a muckle feegur o the Scots Enlichtment,[4] an is kent as the "Faither o Economics"[5] or the "Faither o Caipitalism" an aw.[6]

Legacy[eedit | eedit soorce]

Fowk says that Smith's argumentations maks him the faither o laissez-faire, free mercat caipitalism;[7][8] housomever, ithers argues this haes been ower-blawn, as Smith did uphaud leemitit govrenment regulations.[9]

Adam Smith's heid is on the Baunk o Ingland £20 note (the first Scotsman on an Inglis baunknote)[10] an the Clydesdale Baunk £50 note.[11][12]

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