Action aff Lerwick

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Action aff Lerwick
Pairt o Warld War I
German gun from SMS Bremse - - 118942.jpg
Gun frae SMS Bremse at Scapa Flow
Date17 October 1917
Locationaff Lerwick (Shetland Islands), Scotland, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean
60°09′18″N 01°08′42″E / 60.15500°N 1.14500°E / 60.15500; 1.14500Coordinates: 60°09′18″N 01°08′42″E / 60.15500°N 1.14500°E / 60.15500; 1.14500
Result German victory
 Unitit Kinrick  German Empire
Commanders an leaders
Unitit Kinrick Charles Fox  
Unitit Kinrick Edward Brooke
German Empire Max Leonardi
2 destroyers
2 naval trawlers
2 licht cruisers
Casualties an losses
~300 killed or woundit
2 destroyers sunk
The Breetish war escortin twal merchand ships in the battle, nine ar sunk.
Action aff Lerwick is locatit in North Sea
Action aff Lerwick
Action aff Lerwick
Location o the battle

The Action aff Lerwick wis a smaw naval battle o 1917 focht in the North Sea in the First Warld War.