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Aberdeen Line

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Hoose flag for the Aberdeen Line

The Aberdeen Line wis a shippin company foondit in 1825 bi George Thompson in Aiberdeen tae pit sailin vessels tae the St. Lawrence river, cairyin some passengers an retourin wi cargoes fou o timber. The business wis floorishin an grew tae 12 sailin vessels bi 1837, traivelin tae Sooth Americae, the Paceefic, Wast Indies an the Mediterrane. In 1842 the line includit an ordinar schedule frae Lunnon tae Australie.

The Aberdeen Line’s maist weel-kent ship wis the clipper Thermopylae, lenchin in 1868, an pit thegither wi the ‘Aberdeen Bow’, designed for mair speed an seaworthiness. The clipper set new records for vaiges tae an frae Australie an the Faur East.[1]

In 1872, her nearest rival, Cutty Sark, lost bi seven days in a race frae Shanghai tae Lunnon. Thermopylae wis gien acknawledgement as the fastest sailin ship afloat.[2]

The arrival of the steamship signalled the end o the sailin era, but appent the line tae pit forrit an ordinar service frae Lunnon an Australie in 1882 an bi 1899 aw the vessels coud cairy frozent produce.

Poster bi Charles Dixon

Chyngin money seetiations pit the company unner jynt control for White Star Line an Shaw, Savill & Albion Line in 1905, while keepin some autonomy. In 1928 the White Star Line haed taen ower the Govrenment-awnt Australian Commonwealth Line, but in 1931 White Star Line's haudin company, the Kylsant shippin group, fell unner. A yeir afterwids, Shaw, Savill & Albion boucht the Aberdeen Line an in 1933 the umwhile Australian Commonwealth Line was incorporatit an the Aberdeen & Commonwealth Line wis foondit. Furness Withy & Co haed taen ower Shaw Savill & Albion in 1936. Bi 1957 the last o the ships wis scrappit an the company wis dissolved.[3]

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