Abdullah Öcalan

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Abdullah Öcalan
Abdullah Öcalan.png
Born (1948-04-04) 4 Aprile 1948 (age 72)
Ömerli, Şanlıurfa, Turkey
Residenceİmralı (prison island)
ThriftFoonder an leader o militant organisation PKK,[1] poleetical activist, ideologue, writer
OrganisationKurdistan Wirkers' Pairty (PKK), Union o Commonties in Kurdistan (KCK)
RelativesDilek Öcalan (niece)
Osman Öcalan (brither)
Mehmet Öcalan (brither)

Abdullah Öcalan (Turkis pronunciation: [ød͡ʒaɫan]; born 4 Aprile 1948), an aa kent as Apo[2][3] (short for baith Abdullah an "uncle" in Kurdish),[4][5] is ane o the foondin members o the militant organisation the Kurdistan Wirkers' Pairty (PKK) in 1978 in Turkey.[6][7]

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