A New Disease Is Born

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A New Disease Is Born is the third full-length studio album bi the Greek/Swadish melodic daith metal baund, Nightrage. It wis released bi Lifeforce Records on 12 Mairch 2007. The album features an entirely new lineup, excludin guitarist Marios Iliopoulos.

A New Disease Is Born appears in the leerics tae the sang "Drug" frae the previous album Descent into Chaos, which suggests a possible oreegin for the name o this album.

Track leetin[eedit | eedit soorce]

No. Teetle Lenth
1. "Spiral" 4:38
2. "Reconcile" 4:25
3. "Death-Like Silence" 4:35
4. "A Condemned Club" 3:45
5. "Scars of the Past" 3:39
6. "De-Fame" 2:52
7. "Scathing" 4:36
8. "Surge of Pity" 4:12
9. "Encircle" 3:33
10. "Drone" 3:23
11. "Spiritual Impulse" 3:33
12. "A New Disease Is Born" (Instrumental) 2:58
13. "Ostentatious" (Bonus track for Japan) 3:17

Videography[eedit | eedit soorce]

The album features a video for the sang, "Scathing" directit bi Bob Katsionis.

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