A Hard Day's Night (album)

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A Hard Day's Night
Studio album / soondtrack by The Beatles
Released10 Julie 1964
Recordit29 Januar – 2 Juin 1964[1]
StudioEMI Studios, Lunnon, an Pathé Marconi Studios, Paris
ProducerGeorge Martin
The Beatles chronology
With the Beatles
(1963)With the Beatles1963
A Hard Day's Night
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(1964)Beatles for Sale1964
Singles frae A Hard Day's Night
  1. "Can't Buy Me Love" / "You Can't Do That"
    Released: 26 Mairch 1964
  2. "A Hard Day's Night" / "Things We Said Today"
    Released: 10 Julie 1964

A Hard Day's Night is the third studio album bi Inglis rock baund the Beatles, released on 10 Julie 1964, wi side ane conteenin sangs frae the soondtrack tae thair film A Hard Day's Night.

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