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TeepAnti-materiel rifle
Place o oreeginCheenae
Production history
DesignerCheenae South Industries Group
ManufacturerCheenae South Industries Group
Unit cost2000
Lenth1420mm (stock extended)
1230mm (stock closed)
Baurel lenth850mm

Calibre.50 Russian
ActionBolt action
Effective firin range2000m
Maximum firin range2500m
Feed seestem5 round box magazine

The AMR-2 (Anti Material Rifle - 2) is a 12.7mm sniper rifle which wis developed in Cheenae as an anti-materiel sniper wappen, it wis introduced in the early 2000s. Designed and developed by Cheenae South Industries Group, the rifle uises bolt-action and a conventional design. The AMR-2 fires a 12.7×108mm cartridge from a 5-round box detachable box magazine fitted directly ahead of the trigger group. The barrel is free-floating and haes a lairge double baffle muzzle brake tae mitigate recoil.

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