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The AC MK VI is the newest iteration o AC's classic Ace/Cobra sports caur.

The MK VI wis introduced on Aprile 16, 2009 at the Tap Marques caur show in Monaco an is the first version o the vehicle nae tae be biggit in Ingland, the first tae uise a V8 engine nae manufactured bi Ford, the first tae be available in a coupé version that wis na designed specifically for racin an the first version tae featur gullwing doors in its coupé form.

The vehicle will be manufactured bi Gullwing GmbH in Heyda, Germany, the company is an aa responsible for the design o the coupe version's ruif structur an gullwing doors. The vehicle will "wear" an aluminium-hybrid body mounted onto a fully triangulated, jig welded roundtube spaceframe chassis tae maximize strength an minimizing wecht while still keepin production costs reasonable. Pouer will come frae a specially tuned, 6.2 litre LS3 Corvette engine makin 437 bhp in "GT" trim an 647 bhp in "GTS" trim, which is said tae meet emissions standards across Europe an in North Americae, which will be the MK VI's primary markets. An aa featurt ar pouerful, 4-piston brakes manufactured bi Porsche an a variable, pouer locking limited slip differential.

Tot wecht is said tae be "aboot" 1,025 kg, an in GTS trim, AC representatives say that the caur can hit 100 kph in approximately 3.3 seconds.

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