A9 road (Scotland)

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A9 road
A9 road map.png
Route information
Part of Tabliczka E15.svg E15
Length: 269 mi (433 km)
Major junctions
South end: Polmont
  [ M 9  ] M9 motorway
[ M 876  ] M876 motorway
A91 A91 road
A84 A84 road
[ M 90  ] M90 motorway
A93 A93 road
A85 A85 road
A86 A86 road
A95 A95 road
A96 A96 road
A82 A82 road
A99 A99 road
North end: Scraibster
Stirling, Pairth, Innerness, Thursa
Road network

The A9 is a major road running from the Falkirk council area in central Scotland to Scrabster Harbour, Thurso in the far north, via Stirling, Bridge of Allan, Perth and Inverness.

Coordinates: 57°17′31″N 3°52′48″W / 57.29206°N 3.87987°W / 57.29206; -3.87987