A. A. Milne

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A. A. Milne
A a milne.jpg
A. A. Milne in 1922
Born Alan Alexander Milne
18 Januar 1882(1882-01-18)
Hampstead, Lunnon, Ingland
Died 31 Januar 1956(1956-01-31) (aged 74)
Hartfield, East Sussex, Ingland
Occupation Novelist, playwricht, poet
Nationality Breetish
Alma mater Varsity o Cambridge
Period Edwardian
Genres Childer's leeteratur
Notable wirk(s) Winnie the Pooh
Spoose(s) Dorothy "Daphne" de Sélincourt (1890-1971) (1913–1956; his death)
Childer Christopher Robin Milne

Alan Alexander Milne (/ˈmɪln/; 18 Januar 1882 – 31 Januar 1956) wis an Inglis author, best kent for his beuks aboot the teddy beir Winnie-the-Pooh an for various childer's poems. Milne wis a noted writer, primarily as a playwricht, afore the huge success o Pooh owershadowed aw his previous wirk.