4 June Rolling Stock Works

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4 June Rolling Stock Works
Native name
6.4 Ch'aryang Chonghap Kiŏpso
State-owned company
Foondit15 June 1957
HeidquartersWŏnsan, North Korea

The 4 June Rolling Stock Works (Korean: 6·4차량종합기업소, 6.4 Ch'aryang Chonghap Kiŏpso) is a manufacturer o railwey rollin stock in Wŏnsan, North Korea. It is a subordinate division o the DPRK Ministry o Railways. The plant covers an aurie o 640,000 square metres (6,900,000 sq ft), o which 180,000 square metres (1,900,000 sq ft), an employs 6,000 workers. It is capable o producin 3,000 new freight cars per year, as well as repairing 200 steam locomotives an 130 buses.

The plant wis oreeginally biggit in the colonial era, specialising in the production o pairts for rollin stock an undertaking minor locomotive repairs. It wis destroyed during the Korean War, but follaein the Korean Armistice Agreement, it wis repaired an expanded wi Pols assistance, acomin operational, producin 30-ton freight cars, on 15 June 1957.[1] The first trial o an aw-steel gondola o 60 tons capacity teuk place in 1959, wi mass production o the design commencing in 1966. Production o the Teep 551 boxcar began on 10 May 1963, an in 1982, a new fower-bogie gondola o 100 tons capacity (Mu12 class, Korean State Railway 48000-series) an cleared for 90 km/h service, wis introduced, entering production in 1987. A covered hopper wagon o 60 ton capacity (Se3, KSR 18000-series) haes been produced syne 1991.

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