2018 Nicaraguan protests

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2018 Nicaraguan protests
Pairt o 2014–2018 Nicaraguan protests
2018 Nicaraguan protests - woman and flag.jpg
Protestas en Managua, Nicaragua de 2018 (1).jpg
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A wumman haudin a Nicaraguan banner near a birnin barricade.
Lairge crowds demonstratin in Managua.
A caunlelicht vigil held in respect tae thae killt.
Date18 Apryle 2018 – ongaein
Caused biSocial siccarity reform an corruption
  • Cancellation o social reforms
  • Release o 200 preesoners
  • Investigation intae daiths in protests
  • Truth commission
  • Resignation o Naitional Polis chief
Pairties tae the ceevil conflict


  • Opposeetion students
    • Movimiento 19 de Abril
  • Paisant muivement
Lead feegurs

Govrenment o Nicaragua


Hunders o thoosands[3]

  • 250,000+ (23 April)[4]
  • 150,000+ (28 April)[5]
Tens o thoosands[5]

On 18 Apryle 2018, demonstrators in several ceeties o Nicaragua begoud protests against Preses Daniel Ortega's decree o social siccarity reforms that increased taxes an decreased benefits. Efter five days o unrest in that nearly 30 fowk war killed, Ortega annoonced the cancellation o the reforms. Houiver, the opposeetion haes growed tae denoonce Ortega an demand his resignation, acomin ane o the lairgest protests in his govrenment's history[10] an the deidliest ceevil conflict syne the end o the Nicaraguan Revolution.[11]

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