2017 Wastmeenster attack

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2017 Wastmeenster attack
Parliament at Sunset.JPG
Westminster Bridge an the Palace o Wastmeenster, the main steds o the attack
LocationWastmeenster, Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Coordinates51°30′03″N 0°07′19″W / 51.50083°N 0.12194°W / 51.50083; -0.12194Coordinates: 51°30′03″N 0°07′19″W / 51.50083°N 0.12194°W / 51.50083; -0.12194
Unitit Kinrick
Date22 Mairch 2017 (2017-03-22)
c. 14:40 (GMT)
Attack teep
Daiths5 (3 pedestrians, 1 polis officer an the perpetrator)
Non-fatal injures
50 (4 creetical, 2 ithers life-threatenin)
Perpetrator1 (confirmit)

The 2017 Wastmeenster attack wis a terror attack that occurred on 22 Mairch 2017, ane year efter the 2016 Brussels bombins, on Westminster Bridge, in Parliament Square an athin the grunds o the Palace o Wastmeenster in central Lunnon. A Hyundai Tucson wis driven intae a croud o fowk near the palace gates, an a attacker stobbit fowk, at least ane o thaim bein a polis officer. Fower fowk—includin ane polis officer an the assailant—are confirmit deid.[1][2][3][4]

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