2017 Barcelona attack

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2017 Barcelona attack
Pairt o Islamist terrorism in Europe (2014–present)
La Rambla, the steid o the van attack; picturt in 2011
La Rambla, the steid o the van attack; picturt in 2011
2017 Barcelona attack is locatit in Catalonia
La Rambla, Barcelona attack
La Rambla, Barcelona attack
Cambrils attack
Cambrils attack
Alcanar explosion
Alcanar explosion
LocationLa Rambla, Barcelona, Catalonie, Spain an Cambrils, Catalonie, Spain
Coordinates41°22′53″N 2°10′23″E / 41.38139°N 2.17306°E / 41.38139; 2.17306Coordinates: 41°22′53″N 2°10′23″E / 41.38139°N 2.17306°E / 41.38139; 2.17306
Date17 an 18 August 2017
16:56 – 1:15 CEST (UTC+2)
Attack teep
Vehicle-ramming attack
WappensAlcanar: Gas cylinders (accidental[1] explosion)
Barcelona: A van an a knife
Cambrils: A car an a knife
DaithsAlcanar: 0 (+2 attackers)
Barcelona: 14
Cambrils: 1 (+5 attackers)
Tot: 15 (+7 attackers)
Non-fatal injures
Alcanar: 23
Barcelona: 100+
Cambrils: 7
Total: 130 [2]
Suspectit perpetrators
Barcelona: Terror cell o aicht individuals[3]
Moussa Oukabir (prime suspect)
4 suspects arrested

On 17 August 2017, a white van hit pedestrians on La Rambla, Barcelona, leavin at least thirteen person deid an dozens mair injured. Several ither attacks in Catalonie follaed.

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