Scots Pairlament election, 2016

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Scots Pairlament election, 2016

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Aw 129 seats in the Scots Pairlament
65 seats needit for a majority
Opeenion polls
Nicola Sturgeon election infobox 3.jpg
Kezia Dugdale 2016 (cropped).jpg
Leader Nicola Sturgeon Ruth Davidson Kezia Dugdale
Pairty SNP Scots Tories Labour
Regional vote 953,587 524,222 435,919
% and swing 41.7% Decrease2.3% 22.9% Increase10.6% 19.1% Decrease7.2%
Constituency vote 1,059,897 501,844 514,261
% and swing 46.5% Increase1.1% 22% Increase8.1% 22.6% Decrease9.2%

Scottish Green Leadership 2016.jpg
Official Portrait of Willie Rennie MSP.jpg
Leader Patrick Harvie
Maggie Chapman
Willie Rennie
Pairty Scots Greens Leeberal Democrats
Regional vote 150,426 119,284
% and swing 6.6% Increase2.2% 5.2% Steady
Constituency vote 13,172 178,238
% and swing 0.6% 7.8% Decrease0.1%

Constituency wunners o the election are shawn on the left, bi pairty colour. On the richt is adeetional memmers for regions, alsae bi pairty colour

First Meenister afore election

Nicola Sturgeon

Electit First Meenister

Nicola Sturgeon

The Scots pairlament election o 2016 wis on on the 5t o Mey 2016. In it, aw the seats for the Scots parliament wis votit on. The Conservative Pairty an the Greens haes gained seats an Labour haes lost seats compared wi the last election.

There wis a few hustings, uisually wi the five pairties in the pairlament, itherwise wi jist the SNP, Labour, Conservatives an Lib Dems an whiles wi the muckle five alang wi the UKIP.