2016 Atatürk Airport attack

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2016 Atatürk Airport attack
Istanbul Airport Turkish-Airlines 2013-11-18.JPG
Airside o Terminal 2, where
the landside attack teuk place.
Atatürk Airport is locatit in Istanbul
Atatürk Airport
Atatürk Airport
Atatürk Airport (Istanbul)
Location Atatürk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
Date 28 Juin 2016
~22:00 (EEST)
Target Ceevilians an security personnel at Atatürk Airport
Attack teep
Suicide bombins, mass shuitin, mass murther, terrorist attack
Wappens Kalashnikov rifles, explosives
Daiths 48 (includin 3 perpetrators)
Non-fatal injures
Suspectit perpetrators
Islamic State o Iraq an the Levant
No. o pairteecipants
At least 3 (all deceased)

A terrorist attack, conseestin o shuitins an suicide bombins, occurred on 28 Juin 2016 at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey.

Coordinates: 40°58′43″N 28°49′9″E / 40.97861°N 28.81917°E / 40.97861; 28.81917