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2014 Iguala massacre

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On 26 September 2014, Iguala wis the steid o a brutal mass murther that drew internaitional attention, when the Iguala municipal polis attackit a group o students frae the Ayotzinapa Normal Schuil. Sax fowk, includin fower students an twa passersbi, wur killed when the polis opened fire on buses conteenin the students, an anither bus carryin a local soccer team. 43 ither students wur taken awa bi polis, who denied haein thaim in custody. Ane student's bouk wis foond that day, tortured an wi heid flayed an his een gougit oot.[1] A mass grave, believit tae conteen the charred bouks o 28 o the students, wis discovered near Iguala on 5 October.[2] Thay haed been tortured an, accordin tae reports, burned alive.[3] 22 polis officers, said tae be actin in concert wi the Guerreros Unidos creeminal gang, wur arrestit for the murthers. Aicht ither cairtel members wur arrestit an aw. The mayor o Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, haed been accuised o direct pairticipation in earlier tortur murthers o activists.[4] He an some associates fled the aurie an wur declared fugitives. The Guerreros Unidos left a banner demandin the release o the 22 polis officers or thay wad release the names o fowk who wirkit wi thaim,[5] an protesters demandin juistice for the victims mairched in different ceeties.[6]

"They took them alive. We want them back alive. Solidarity with the 43 disappeared students," the graffiti reads.

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