2013 Pakistan yirdquauk

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2013 Pakistan yirdquauk
M7.7 - 66km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan.jpg
Date24 September 2013
Oreegin time11:29:48 UTC (16:29:48 PKT)
Magnitude7.7 Mw
Depth15.0 km (9.3 mi)
Epicentre27°00′00″N 65°30′50″E / 27.000°N 65.514°E / 27.000; 65.514 (Pakistan yirdquauk)
Auries affectit Pakistan
Casualties825 dead[1]
700 injured[2][3]

The 2013 Pakistan yirdquauk wis a magnitude Mw 7.7 yirdquauk wi an epicenter 66 kilometre (41 mi) north-northeast o Awaran in the province o Balochistan, soothwastren Pakistan.[4] At least 825 fowk wur killed an hundreds mair wur injured.

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