2013–14 CONCACAF Champions League

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2013–14 CONCACAF Champions League
Tournament details
Dates 6 August 2013 – 23 Apryle 2014
Teams 24 (from 11 associations)
Final positions
Champions Mexico Cruz Azul (6t title)
Runners-up Mexico Toluca
Tournament statistics
Matches played 62
Goals scored 151 (2.44 per match)
Tap scorer(s) Mexico Raúl Nava
(7 goals)
Best player Argentinae Mariano Pavone
Best goalkeeper Mexico Alfredo Talavera

The 2013–14 CONCACAF Champions League wis the 6t edeetion o the CONCACAF Champions League unner its current name, an oweraw the 49t edeetion o the premier fitbaa club competition organisit bi CONCACAF, the regional govrenin bouk o North Americae, Central Americae, an the Caribbean. Monterrey wur the three-time defendin champions, but wur unable tae defend their title as they failed tae qualifee for the tournament.

Cruz Azul wan a record-settin saxt CONCACAF club title (an their first durin the Champions League era), efter winnin a aw-Mexican feenal ower Toluca on awa goals.[1] As a result, they qualifee'd as the CONCACAF representative at the 2014 FIFA Club Warld Cup.[2]

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