1992 Winter Olympics

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XVI Olympic Winter Gemmes
1992 Winter Olympics logo.svg
The emblem is the banner o Savoy region
in the shape o the Olympic flame,
dancin abuin stripes representin
the banner o Fraunce.
Host ceety Albertville, Fraunce
Motto At the Peak o Performance (French: A la Pointe de la Performance)
Naitions pairteecipatin 64
Athletes pairteecipatin 1801 (1313 men, 488 weemen)[1]
Events 57 in 6 sports (12 disciplines)
Appenin ceremony Julie 25
Closin ceremony 23 Februar
Offeecially appened bi Preses François Mitterrand
Athlete's Oath Surya Bonaly
Judge's Oath Pierre Bornat
Olympic Torch Michel Platini an
François-Cyrille Grange
Stadium Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys

The 1992 Winter Olympics, offeecially kent as the XVI Olympic Winter Gemmes (French: Les XVIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver), war a winter multi-sport event celebratit frae 8 tae 23 Februar 1992 in Albertville, Fraunce. Thay war the last Winter Olympics tae be held the same year as the Simmer Olympics,[2] an the first whaur the Winter Paralympics war held at the same steid.

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