1755 Lisbon yirdquauk

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1755 Lisbon yirdquauk
1755 Lisbon Earthquake Location.png
Date 1 November 1755 (1755-11)
Magnitude 8.5–9.0 Mw (est.)
Epicentre 36°N 11°W / 36°N 11°W / 36; -11Coordinates: 36°N 11°W / 36°N 11°W / 36; -11
Aboot 200 km (120 mi) wast-soothwast o Cape St. Vincent
Auries affectit Kinrick o Portugal, Kinrick o Spain, Kinrick o Morocco. The tsunami affectit Soothren Great Breetain an Ireland
Max. intensity XI (Extreme) [1]
Casualties 10,000–100,000 daiths

The 1755 Lisbon yirdquauk, an aa kent as the Great Lisbon yirdquauk, occurred in the Kinrick o Portugal on Saturday, 1 November, the haly day o Aw Saunts' Day, at aroond 09:40 local time.[2] In combination wi subsequent fires an a tsunami, the yirdquauk awmaist totally destroyed Lisbon an adjynin auries. Seismologists the day estimate the Lisbon yirdquauk haed a magnitude in the range 8.5–9.0[3][4] on the moment magnitude scale, wi its epicentre in the Atlantic Ocean aboot 200 km (120 mi) wast-soothwast o Cape St. Vincent. Estimates place the daith towl in Lisbon alane atween 10,000 an 100,000 fowk,[5] makkin it ane o the deidliest yirdquauks in history.

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