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Bosphorus Brig
Bosphorus Bridge.jpg
Bosphorus Brig (1973) in Istanbul, connectin Europe an Asia.
Coordinates 41°02′43″N 29°02′04″E / 41.04528°N 29.03444°E / 41.04528; 29.03444Coordinates: 41°02′43″N 29°02′04″E / 41.04528°N 29.03444°E / 41.04528; 29.03444
Crosses Bosphorus strait
Locale Istanbul
Design Suspension brig
Material Steel
Tot lenth 1,560 m (5,118 ft)[1]
Width 33.40 m (110 ft)[1]
Hicht 165 m (541 ft)[1]
Langest span 1,074 m (3,524 ft)[1]
Clearance ablo 64 m (210 ft)[1]
Designer Sir Nevzat Erol an William Brown
Construction begin 20 February 1970
Construction end 1 June 1973
Opened 30 October 1973
Daily traffic 200,000 [2]
Bosphorus Brig is locatit in Istanbul
Bosphorus Brig
Bosphorus Brig
Location in Istanbul

The Bosphorus Brig, an aa cried the First Bosphorus Brig or simply the First Brig ([Boğaziçi Köprüsü, 1. Boğaziçi Köprüsü or Birinci Köprü] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)), is ane o twa suspension brigs spannin the Bosphorus strait (Turkis: Boğaziçi) in Istanbul, Turkey; thus connectin Europe an Asie (the ither ane is the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Brig, which is cried the Seicont Bosphorus Brig).

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