10 Downing Street

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Number 10 Downing Street
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General information
Airchitectural style Georgian
Toun or ceety Ceety o Wastmeenster
Lunnon, SW1
Kintra Ingland
Coordinates 51°30′12″N 0°07′40″W / 51.503396°N 0.127640°W / 51.503396; -0.127640Coordinates: 51°30′12″N 0°07′40″W / 51.503396°N 0.127640°W / 51.503396; -0.127640
Current tenants
Construction stairtit 1682; 336 years ago (1682)
Completit 1684; 334 years ago (1684)
Design an construction
Airchitect Kenton Couse
Leetit Building – Grade I
Reference no. 1210759[1]

10 Downing Street, colloquially kent in the United Kingdom as Nummer 10 (Inglis: Number 10), is the heidquarters o Govrenment o the Unitit Kinrick an the offeecial residence an office o the First Laird o the Treasury, a post which, for much o the 18t an 19t centuries an invariably syne 1905, haes been held bi the Prime Meenister.

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