Île Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Island
(New Amsterdam)

Île Amsterdam
Banner o Île Amsterdam
Orthographic projection centred ower Île Amsterdam.
Orthographic projection centred ower Île Amsterdam.
Île Amsterdam
Nickname: Nouvelle Amsterdam
Île Amsterdam is located in Indien Ocean
Île Amsterdam
Île Amsterdam
Coordinates37°49′33″S 77°33′17″E / 37.82583°S 77.55472°E / -37.82583; 77.55472
Aurie55 km2 (21 sq mi)
Lenth10 km (6 mi)
Weenth7 km (4.3 mi)
Heichest elevation867 m (2,844 ft)
Heichest pointMont de la Dives

Île Amsterdam (French pronunciation: ​[ilamstɛʁˈdam], kent as Amsterdam Island, New Amsterdam, or Nouvelle Amsterdam an aa, is an isle cried efter the ship Nieuw Amsterdam, in turn cried efter the Dutch settlement o New Amsterdam that later became New York Ceety in the Unitit States. It lies in the soothren Indian Ocean. It is pairt o the French Soothren an Antairctic Launds an, thegither wi neighbourin Île Saint-Paul 85 km (53 mi) tae the sooth, forms ane o the five destricts o the territory. The Martin-de-Viviès resairch station, first cried Camp Heurtin an then La Roche Godon, is the anly settlement on the isle an is hame tae aboot thirty non-permanent indwallers involved in biological, meteorological an geomagnetic studies.

Coordinates: 37°49′33″S 77°33′17″E / 37.82583°S 77.55472°E / -37.82583; 77.55472