Île Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Island
(New Amsterdam)

Île Amsterdam
Banner o Île Amsterdam
Orthographic projection centred ower Île Amsterdam.
Orthographic projection centred ower Île Amsterdam.
Île Amsterdam
Nickname: Nouvelle Amsterdam
Île Amsterdam is locatit in Indian Ocean
Île Amsterdam
Île Amsterdam
Coordinates37°49′33″S 77°33′17″E / 37.82583°S 77.55472°E / -37.82583; 77.55472
Aurie55 km2 (21 sq mi)
Lenth10 km (6 mi)
Weenth7 km (4.3 mi)
Heichest elevation867 m (2,844 ft)
Heichest pointMont de la Dives

Île Amsterdam (French pronunciation: ​[ilamstɛʁˈdam], an aa kent as Amsterdam Island, New Amsterdam, or Nouvelle Amsterdam, is an island named after the ship New Amsterdam, in turn named after the Dutch settlement New Amsterdam that later became New York City in the Unitit States. It lies in the soothren Indian Ocean. It is pairt o the French Soothren an Antairctic Launds an, thegither wi neighbourin Île Saint-Paul 85 km (53 mi) tae the sooth, forms ane o the five destricts o the territory. The Martin-de-Viviès resairch station, first cried Camp Heurtin an then La Roche Godon, is the anly settlement on the island an is hame tae aboot thirty non-permanent indwallers involved in biological, meteorological an geomagnetic studies.

Coordinates: 37°49′33″S 77°33′17″E / 37.82583°S 77.55472°E / -37.82583; 77.55472