Élisabeth o Fraunce

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Élisabeth o Fraunce
Servant o God
Madame Élisabeth
Portrait bi Vigée Le Brun
Born 3 Mey 1764(1764-05-03)
Pailace o Versailles, Fraunce
Dee'd 10 Mey 1794(1794-05-10) (aged 30)
Place de la Révolution Paris
Spouse niver mairit
Issue nae childer
Full name
Élisabeth Philippe Marie Hélène de France
Hoose Bourbons o Fraunce
Faither Louis, Dauphin o Fraunce
Mither Maria Josepha o Saxony
Releegion Roman Catholicism
Lozenge of a "Daughter of France" (Fille de France).svg

Élisabeth o Fraunce, Granddaughter o Fraunce (Élisabeth Philippe Marie Hélène; 3 Mey 1764 – 10 Mey 1794) wis a member o the Bourbons o Fraunce an wis the youngest sibling o Keeng Louis XVI. She remained beside the keeng an his faimily during the French Revolution an wis executed at Place de la Révolution in Paris during the Terror. She is regarded bi the Roman Catholic Kirk aa a martyr an a "Servant of God" She wis kent at her brither's coort as Madame Élisabeth. She wis also a sister o Queen Marie Clotilde o Sardinie, an sister-in-law o Marie Antoinette. Her godfaither wis Philip o Spain, Duke o Parma. Her godmither wis Elisabeth Farnese. an she wis named Élisabeth in honour o Farnese.

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