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Çatalhöyük with surroundings..jpg
Çatalhöyük at the time o the first excavations
Çatalhöyük is locatit in Turkey
Shawn within Turkey
Location Küçükköy, Konya Province, Turkey
Region Anatolie
Coordinates 37°40′3″N 32°49′42″E / 37.66750°N 32.82833°E / 37.66750; 32.82833Coordinates: 37°40′3″N 32°49′42″E / 37.66750°N 32.82833°E / 37.66750; 32.82833
Teep Settlement
Foondit Approximately 7500 BCE
Abandoned Approximately 5700 BCE
Periods Neolithic tae Chalcolithic
Site notes
Airchaeologists Gowd
Ainership Nine
Offeecial name Neolithic Steid o Çatalhöyük
Teep Cultural
Criteria iii, iv
Designatit 2012 (36t session)
Reference no. 1405
State Party Turkey
Region Europe an North Americae

Çatalhöyük (Turkis pronunciation: [tʃaˈtaɫhøjyc]; an aa Çatal Höyük an Çatal Hüyük; çatal is Turkis for "fork", höyük for "moond") wis a very lairge Neolithic an Chalcolithic proto-ceety settlement in soothren Anatolie, which existit frae approximately 7500 BC tae 5700 BC, an flourished aroond 7000 BC.[1]

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