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Çatalhöyük with surroundings..jpg
Çatalhöyük at the time o the first excavations
Çatalhöyük is locatit in Turkey
Shawn within Turkey
Location Küçükköy, Konya Province, Turkey
Region Anatolie
Teep Settlement
Foondit Approximately 7500 BCE
Abandoned Approximately 5700 BCE
Periods Neolithic tae Chalcolithic
Site notes
Airchaeologists Gowd
Ainership Nine
Offeecial name Neolithic Steid o Çatalhöyük
Teep Cultural
Criterie iii, iv
Designatit 2012 (36t session)
Reference no. 1405
State Party Turkey
Region Europe an North Americae

Çatalhöyük (Turkis pronunciation: [tʃaˈtaɫhøjyc]; an aa Çatal Höyük an Çatal Hüyük; çatal is Turkis for "fork", höyük for "moond") wis a very lairge Neolithic an Chalcolithic proto-ceety settlement in soothren Anatolie, which existit frae approximately 7500 BC tae 5700 BC, an flourished aroond 7000 BC.[1]

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