Taa leid

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(Reguidit frae !Xóõ)
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Taa ǂaan
Native tae Botswana, Namibie
Region Southern Ghanzi, northren Kgalagadi, wastren Soothren an wastren Kweneng destricts in Botswana; soothren Omaheke an northeastren Hardap regions in Namibie.
Native speakers
2,500 (2011)[1]
  • Taa–Lower Nossob
    • Taa
Leid codes
ISO 639-3 nmn
Glottolog taaa1242[2]
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Taa, kent as !Xóõ an aw, is a leid that is spoken in Botswana an Namibie, wi a muckle nummer o phonemes (speech soonds).

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